International freight forwarding of all types of small cargo
In the Sriran complex, in order to be able to reduce the costs of international transportation for cargoes with a volume of less than one container, by creating a platform for sending small cargoes to the neighboring countries of Iran and the Middle East, a new chapter of international transportation. to create

The route of transporting small cargo to the countries that is currently open is as follows:

Shipping to Iraq
Shipping to Oman
Shipping to Afghanistan
Shipping to Türkiye
Shipping to UAE
Shipping to Qatar
Shipping to India
Shipping to Kuwait
Shipping to Armenia
Shipping to Azerbaijan
Shipping to Syria
Shipping to Egypt
Shipping to Pakistan
For example, for the transportation of some goods such as food, medicine or animals, the speed of sending is very important
And choosing the shortest and fastest way is important
In the movement of some other types of goods, the shipping cost is the main element for choosing the shipping method, which depends on the parties to the transaction, the destination, the law of the country, the value of the goods and the risk of transportation, customs laws are other elements that should be taken into account, as a result of people Those dealing with international shipping should weigh the quality, cost, time, and conditions in order to make the best available choice